Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The first one, makes for a good one....

The Good Vibrations music festival is on this Saturday and looking at the timetable today it dawned on me that Tittsworth, Cypress and The Rapture are all clashing. What do you do? - No doubt I will be seeing Tittsworth, he would have to be one of the most kicking Dj's in the world at the moment. With Cat like agilities he packs the abilities to spin a wide array of 80's Dance, Balitmore Club, Rock, Hip hop, Crunk and more. The dude basically puts together every banging party track you could ever think of and mix's with the ever slightest of ease to to create one big fuck off party!

Check out this Video of Titts and Ayres showing how it all comes together.

I know this one has been posted to the death but you gotta hear it again.

http://zshare.net/audio/25909749e85e8f/ - Tittsworth June 2007

EarPump will be holding an unoffical pre-party and after party for "Good Vibrations" We will be giving away loads of free drinks and other stuff - It's just across from the festival at The Palace Hotel - Cnr of flinders & South Dowling in Surry hills SYDNEY!!

Here is a track by Mark Wahlberg to get you Pumped!!


Also the drinks are ridicuoulsly cheap which helps clench the thirst of your wallet after outlaying like 60 bucks for a round at the festival. THERE IS A WHOLE BAR UPSTAIRS THAT SELLS 5 $$ DRINKS!!

Yagers please.